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3 Pea Pods

Tutu Set

Regular price $40.00

3 Pea Pods tutu sets are pure BLISS and perfect any occasion! This handmade 2-piece set comes with a onesie and fluffy tutu. The onesie can be personalized with child’s name or age (i.e.: half, one, two, etc.) with high quality glitter.  Our tutus are hand tied with yards of tulle securely to a sewn elastic band. A coordinating ribbon is applied to the waist band. With each order, your sweet pea will receive a coordinating headband or bow.  Colors vary based on current stock available.

***All tutu sets are handmade to order, please allow 1-2 weeks for production. Please specify if you want long or short sleeve.  If you have specific customizations, please note in comment section as needed. Products will ship 1-3 business days after production.

***Care instructions: Care instructions: Spot clean with damp cloth, lay flat or hang to air dry.  If your tutu is wrinkly or losing it's fluff, comb out the tulle with your fingers working from the inside out.  If your tutu is extra wrinkly, hang in the bathroom and run a hot shower for 5-10 minutes to allow the wrinkles to release via the steam.  If you own an apparel steamer,  you can use that as well, however, do not use steam directly on the tutu so you do not cause heat damage.

Tutu Size Chart:

 Newborn, waist: 14 inch, length: 6 inch   

0-3 month, waist: 15 inch, length: 7 inch   

3-6 month, waist: 16 inch, length: 8 inch    

6-12 month, waist: 17 inch, length: 9 inch 

2-year-old, waist: 18 inch, length: 9 inch  

3-year-old, waist: 19 inch, length: 10 inch  

4-year-old, waist: 20 inch, length: 11 inch  

5 /6-year-old, waist: 21 inch, length: 12 inch 

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